Medicare (

  • Find information about doctors, hospitals and facilities
  • Find information about health and drug plans
  • Compare hospitals, nursing homes, health care providers, etc.
  • Links with Twitter, YouTube, and RSS feed

Healthgrades (

  • Find doctors, dentists or hospitals
  • Compare doctors, dentists, etc. to see who is the right fit
  • Information about patient satisfaction, how much experience the doctor/dentist has
  • Information about what insurances they take and contact information
  • Links with Facebook, Twitter and Google (

  • Health information for individuals and families (information about health conditions, nutrition, pregnancy, doctor visits, parenting, etc.)
  • Communication, Literacy and e-Health tab (connect with others to improve health literacy and people‚Äôs health through e-health)
  • Physical Activity Guidelines (learn about health benefits of physical activity, understand how to reduce the risk of injury, help others to exercise regularly, etc.)
  • Dietary guidelines (tips on eating healthy and how eating healthy can reduce certain diseases)

Mayo Clinic (

  • Patient Care and Health Info (diseases, tests and procedures, drugs and supplements information)
  • Research (Information about various research that the Mayo Clinic is doing)
  • Links with Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Pinterest

Health Insurance Marketplace (

  • Learn what insurances are available for individuals, families, small businesses, etc.
  • See insurance plans before you apply
  • Apply for health coverage
  • Apply for health insurance
  • Information about the Affordable Care Act
  • Available in a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French Creole and Polish
  • Links with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (

  • Health Topics A-Z (information on a variety of health topics)
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity (tips for eating healthy and exercising)
  • Pregnancy (information on topics such as breastfeeding, exercising and eating healthy, as well as how the doctor/midwife can help you have a healthy pregnancy)
  • Health Care Reform information
  • Find a doctor, dentist, hospital, health center service
  • Available in Spanish
  • Links with Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed

WebMD (

  • Various tabs lead you to information
    • Health A-Z (Common health topics that you can browse)
    • Drugs & Supplements (Common Drugs Finder, Vitamin finder, etc.)
    • Living Healthy (Tools to help live healthy; portion tool, count calories, recipes, fitness & exercise, etc.)
    • Family & Pregnancy (tools for raising children, newborn & baby information tools, Fit Jr.)
    • Links with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and RSS feed

U.S. National Library of Medicine (

    • Various databases with health information topics
    • Medline Plus
      • Has health topics (symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 900 topics)
      • Medical encyclopedia with images
      • Interactive tutorials and videos about health information (surgery, anatomy, etc.)
      • Drugs and supplements information
        • Learn about prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines
        • Learn about effectiveness of supplements and drug interactions
    • Available in multiple languages (button at bottom right of Medline Plus page)
    • Can be changed to an easy-to-read format (button at bottom right of MedLine Plus page)
    • Links to Twitter and RSS feed, also a mobile version is available