The Bartlesville Public Library and History Museum gladly accepts donated money and material for the collection. Donations can be made anytime at the Circulation Desk. Receipts are issued upon request. Donated materials are routed to book selectors for review. If accepted, the donated materials are listed in the Donation Record File and acknowledgement is sent to the donor. Book plates are also placed in the material(s). Materials not accepted are given to the Friends of the Library for sale in their bookstore. Proceeds from the bookstore are given to the Library.


Materials donated as a memorial are also accepted. These items are received by Administrative Services. Groups and individuals purchasing materials specifically for a memorial, are encouraged to contact Administrative Services prior to their purchase so that duplication of items can be avoided. Unless otherwise directed, monies collected for memorials will be used to purchase materials. The Library will make every effort to purchase materials which would have been of interest to the person(s) listed in the memorial. Acknowledgement is sent to the donors; book plates are put in the materials; and memorial acknowledgement is sent to the immediate family.