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The mission of the Bartlesville Public Library is to improve the lives of Bartlesville area citizens by providing access to a diverse collection of library materials, current technology, enriching programming, and educational opportunities.


Meet the community’s need for library services with friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained staff.

  • Ensure all staff members have at least one hour per week to pursue library-related independent learning.
    • Evaluate staff members’ independent study journals every six months.
  • Provide “roaming” staff to assist patrons throughout the library in 2015
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all staff.
  • Require full-time staff members to complete and maintain Oklahoma Library Certification.
  • Continue to provide annual Staff Training Day.
  • Encourage staff members to be involved in community service organizations.
  • Revise and update customer service standards in 2014.

    Perform staff evaluations annually.
    Conduct a library usability study annually.
    Evaluate staff customer service skills every six months.

Meet the educational, recreational, and informational needs of our community by providing a collection of diverse library materials in a variety of formats.

  • Continue to purchase and promote a current collection of popular materials
  • Continue to weed materials as appropriate.
  • Continue to add e-books and e-audiobooks to the Oklahoma Virtual Library.
  • Continue to provide electronic and printed materials for researching a variety of subjects.
  • Provide an archive of local history information available electronically.
  • Digitize and make available using Polaris Fusion system.
  • Add digital, text-based local history content such as family histories, journals, etc. to Overdrive for checkout.

Library users will receive services and have access to materials that allow them to master the life skills needed to be successful in the areas of their choosing.

  • Provide ongoing computer classes.
  • Provide quarterly classes on e-government resources by 2015.
  • Provide quarterly classes on small business & economic development resources by 2016.
  • Provide quarterly classes on job hunting skills, including resumes and job banks by 2014.
  • Continue to provide adult basic literacy tutoring, English language lessons, and Citizenship instruction (See Literacy Services Long Range Plan for Details).

Students of all ages will receive services and have access to materials that they need to realize their full intellectual potential.

  • Provide library skills classes.
  • Continue to provide resources for homework help.
  • Work toward having a tutor on duty throughout the school year to help drop-in students by 2017.
  • Maintain a list of area tutors and make it available in the Literacy, Reference, and Youth Services departments by 2015.
  • Continue to provide services and programs to preschool children to help them become ready for school success such as Storytime, Outreach Storytime, Pre-K Parties, TLC Kits, Computers, and Tethered iPads (2016).

Ensure citizens receive full access to all library services by increasing awareness of library programs, services, and collection.

  • Create an annual marketing plan with the help of a marketing professional or student by 2016.
  • Hire a professional graphic designer on a contract basis to improve the look of printed communications by 2017.
  • Promote the library as “the first place to ask for information.”
  • Promote the library as a neutral gathering space.
  • Promote the use of library materials.
  • Continue to provide book-related programming.
  • Provide a table of related library materials at every library program.
  • Continue to provide Staff picks on Library website.
  • Continue to provide E-mail newsletters.
  • Encourage patrons to add reviews and tags to items in the Library Catalog.
  • Move 95% of overdue and hold notices from postal mail notifications to email, text, or telephone notifications by 2016. Streamlining this process reduces postage costs and maximizes availability of library materials through quick response.
  • Continue to provide library newsletters in print format

Area citizens will have opportunities to attend a broad range of cultural programming that will encourage reading, further exploration of the world, and the pursuit of new interests.


* Storytime
* Annual Community Event
* Summer Reading
* Author Programs
* Miscellaneous