PLACE OF MEETING:         Bartlesville Public Library-Board Room/Administrative Services
DATE OF MEETING:           November 12, 2013
TIME OF MEETING:            4:30 PM


MEMBERS PRESENT AT ROLL CALL:                            ALSO PRESENT:

Mark Boekhout                                                                  Joan Singleton, Director
Chris Dixon                                                                       Denise Goff, Senior Administrative Assistant
George Halkiades                                                              Laura Pryce, Youth Services Librarian
Maggie Humble                     
M’Liss Jenkins           
Linda Maloney
Alfreda McIntosh
Chris Speirs   


Dixie Clayborn


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by George Halkiades, Chairman. He welcomed new Board Member Chris Speirs. Mr. Speirs was recently appointed to the Board by the Bartlesville City Council to fill the position vacated by Paul Crawford.

Ms. Humble made a motion to approve the July 9, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes as presented. Seconded by Mr. Boekhout. Aye: Boekhout, Dixon, Halkiades, Humble, McIntosh, Speirs. Nay: 0. Absent for Vote: Jenkins, Maloney. Motion Carried.

Prior to the Director’s Report, Laura Pryce, Youth Services Librarian, delivered the annual summer reading program report. The 2013 kids program was titled, Dig Into Reading! and the teen program was Beneath the Surface. There were a total of 734 sign-ups this year, up from 555 last summer. Programs were held each Monday. This year there was a concert, storytellers, author/illustrator, and a magician. There were a total of 8 programs with 850 in attendance. One program, a writing workshop, was held for teens with 12 attending. Preschool storytime was held as regularly scheduled with special craft activities added. Weekly prize drawings were held for those participants reporting what they read during the week. It was a great two months of activities that were enjoyed by all.  As in year’s past, the Friends of the Library funded this program.

Adding to the written Director’s Report, Ms. Singleton said that the Library’s new bicycle rack has been installed. It is located near the front doors on the east side.  Members commented it was very attractive and looked like a piece of art. Ms. Singleton and Beth DeGeer attended the Edge Initiative Workshop held in Tahlequah. Edge is a nationwide technology initiative designed to bridge the divide between those who are computer literate and economically able to supply their own needs, and those who are in need of help, developing skills, and at low economic levels so they are unable to purchase and learn/practice on their own. This initiative will help us determine needs, set our own goals and standards, and provide improved services to meet the needs. Ms. Singleton went on to give illustrations of how the public floor staff assists customers with no or limited computer skills and are seeking services from DHS, unemployment benefits, and completing job applications, all of which require the forms to be completed online. Oklahoma is one of the pilot states; the national roll-out will be in January 2014. This Initiative will be playing a large role in the Library’s Long Range Plan revision. Ms. Singleton said the Committee will work on the technology plan first. Meeting dates are scheduled for December 3 and 17th at 12 Noon. She invited Board Members to attend.

Ms. Singleton said copies of the annual Library Board Report to City Council are enclosed in the meeting information packet.

Ms. Singleton directed Board Members to the Oklahoma Department of Libraries Annual Report. This report is required by August 15th each year to receive state aid. After a brief review, Mr. Halkiades asked what items could not be purchased with state aid monies. Ms. Singleton said it cannot be used for anything “attached” like a roof, carpet, or building additions. Other than those items, state aid can be used for almost everything else; salaries, collection, technology, etc.

The Distribution of Materials Policy, Photography and Videography on Library Property, Bulletin Board Policy, Exhibit Spaces Policy/Exhibit Spaces Agreement, and Electronic Signboard Policy were all reviewed with no suggested revisions.

The revised Meeting Room Policy was presented for approval. Three changes were listed. The first was in #7. Instead of groups and organizations setting up and taking down the tables and chairs, the sentence was changed to read; “Sponsoring groups are responsible for arranging furnishings according to their meeting needs. This includes tables, chairs, and podium.” The second change was the deletion of one sentence in section #8; “Equipment reservation forms are available through the Administrative Offices.” The last change was in #11. The sentence was revised to say, “Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted anywhere within the library building.” Ms. Singleton said that this statement change is a result of keeping with City policy. The policy is that e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes are viewed as a cigarette and therefore prohibited in all City buildings.  Ms. Jenkins made the motion to approve the Meeting Room Policy as revised. Seconded by Ms. Humble.  Aye: Boekhout, Dixon, Halkiades, Humble, Jenkins, Maloney, McIntosh, Speirs. Nay: 0. Motion Carried.

As previously discussed, the Long Range Planning Committee will begin in December with the Technology section. Meetings are scheduled for December 3 and 17th at 12 Noon. The time can be adjusted if Board Members would like to participate.

Board Member Linda Maloney commented that she liked Library Reads Program highlighted in the Library newsletter. She plans to take the reading list to her book club. She would like to get other book clubs interested in reading the recommended titles.

 No public comments were made at this meeting.

Items for the January 14, 2014 Agenda included an update on the Long Range Planning Committee and progress made on the Technology Plan.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.  The next regular meeting of the Bartlesville Library Board will be Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM.      




Submitted By: Denise Goff
Senior Administrative Assistant