PLACE OF MEETING:         Bartlesville Public Library-Board Room/Administrative Services
DATE OF MEETING:            March 18, 2014
TIME OF MEETING:             4:30 PM


MEMBERS PRESENT AT ROLL CALL:                           

Chris Dixon                                                                            
George Halkiades                                                                  
Maggie Humble                                                                     
Alfreda McIntosh
Chris Speirs
Mark Boekhout
Linda Maloney           


Dixie Clayborn
M’Liss Jenkins           


Joan Singleton, Library Director
Beth DeGeer, Assistant Library Director


Chairman George Halkiades called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.

Minutes from the January 14, 2014 meeting were examined. Ms. Humble asked that the word “to” be added to this sentence: “They were received as part of a grant and could not hold up patron usage.” New sentence to read: “They were received as part of a grant and could not hold up to patron usage.” Ms. Humble made a motion to approve the January 14, 2014 minutes as amended. Seconded by Mr. Boekhout. Aye: Dixon, Halkiades, McIntosh, Speirs, Boekhout, Maloney, Humble. Nay: 0.

Library Director’s Report: Singleton reported that classes were being held over the videoconferencing system. Currently the Library is offering classes provided by the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative via live videoconferencing. The classes are targeted to seniors. The current offering is “Eat Better, Move More,” and the Library will be offering two classes in April: Tai Chi and Chronic Disease Self-Management. The upcoming classes are also presented by the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative. Some adjustments will need to be made to class locations to accommodate previously booked Firefighter training in the Meeting Room. The videoconferencing equipment in the board room will be used for one of the meetings.

Singleton talked about the Public Library Association Conference in Indianapolis. She attended with Karen Kerr, Literacy Coordinator. Kerr received a grant to be able to attend. Kerr had never attended a national conference before. Singleton indicated that Kerr has turned in a report on her experiences. Singleton indicated that the conference programs addressed a lot of issues that the Bartlesville Public Library is currently dealing with, and a lot of good information was available. There were also a lot of great exhibits and vendors with useful information. She indicated that the conference was worth the trip.

Singleton talked about the work being done on the Long Range Plan. The staff is currently doing a “SWOT” analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. One of the topics under consideration was what services and collections are no longer necessary.

Senior Administrative Assistant Denise Goff is currently off work due to a broken leg, and her tasks are being covered by Singleton, Circulation Supervisor Sheryl Clark, and Cemetery Relations Coordinator Kim Inman.

Singleton passed around photographs taken at the Public Library Association Conference which were staged inside book cover standups, with book characters posing with attendees. Singleton suggested a similar idea might be used at the Library, possibly at the 1950’s dance. Assistant Director DeGeer commented that it might be late for the 1950s party, but something similar could be accomplished for the Library’s TRUE GRIT events scheduled for September.

Long Range Plan: Singleton indicated that the Long Range Planning committee had missed a couple of weeks due to time off and conferences.

Halkiades indicated that there was an issue with the February Circulation report, which indicates that the Library circulated 173,331 items. He suggested that number should be 17,331 items. Singleton agreed that number was a typo.

Circulation Policy: DeGeer stated that the Library staff was recommending a few changes to the Library’s Circulation Policy. Those changes were: extending the area resident definition from a 50 to 60 mile radius; to remove the statement that “cards not used for two calendar years will be cleared automatically from the system; and adding a sentence to the Non-Resident Card definition stating that “Non-Residents may not use the Library’s online database subscriptions due to licensing issues.” DeGeer went on to explain that extending the definition of an “area resident” by 10 miles and prohibiting Non-Resident cardholders from using BPL’s online databases would bring the Library into compliance with rules from the online database vendors. Singleton mentioned that these changes came up when the Library was considering providing a “virtual library card,” but in checking with the online database vendors, the staff discovered this would be prohibitively expensive.

DeGeer also stated that removing the sentence about inactive patrons being removed automatically after two years was simply no longer true with the new automated library system. She indicated there were some technical issues being sorted out regarding identifying patrons who were actively using online services but were not checking out physical items. Inactive patrons are purged from the system on an irregular basis as necessary.

Dixon asked for a clarification of Temporary Cards and the refundable deposit. Singleton explained that the deposit was just there to ensure that people who were in the area for a short while returned all of their materials before leaving the area. She said that many times temporary cardholders did not return to pick up their deposit and it eventually just became a donation to the Library. Speirs asked if it should be explicitly stated in the policy that deposits not picked up within 6 months become property of the library. Halkiades suggested modifying the sentence to read “temporary cards and refunds expire in 6 months.”

Dixon asked how many delinquent borrowers the Library eventually collected on. DeGeer said that was a question for Sheryl Clark, Circulation Supervisor. Singleton explained the process for sending delinquent borrowers to the Library’s Collection Agency.

Dixon asked if we should say anything on there about the Collection Agency reporting delinquent borrowers to Credit Reporting Agency, Singleton said she thought that was unnecessary.

Equipment Use Policy: No changes are requested by staff.

Principles of Conduct: Singleton indicated that this Policy has stayed the same for a number of years. Speirs said he had looked at other Library Codes of Conduct. He indicated many libraries had some additional prohibitions, for example sleeping, weapons, offensive body odor. He asked whether those things should be added to the BPL policy.  Maloney asked specifically about weapons, Singleton explained that it is a City of Bartlesville Policy to not allow weapons in public buildings, and that the Library was under that policy. Singleton also indicated that the weapons prohibition is printed on the front door of the Library. Speirs asked about adding sleeping, DeGeer said the Library Staff had discussed that issue, but did not view sleeping as a particularly disruptive activity. Halkiades asked about adding weapons to this document; DeGeer said this document doubles as posted “Library Rules”; Maloney said it would be good to have that in case there was ever a problem. Speirs suggested adding a line about “all City rules apply.”

Research Policy: Singleton said this policy is working well and has not changed in a number of years. She explained this was to limit the amount of Library staff time taken up by individual patrons’ personal research, and that there were professional researchers available whom patrons could hire to do this work for them. She also indicated that with more research available online, it is not as necessary for patrons to need local researchers.

Maloney commented that the Library Business Cards and Help Cards were very cool.

Singleton expressed her thanks for the board members agreeing to postpone the meeting.

No public comments were made at this meeting.

Items for the May 12, 2014 Agenda include updates on the Long Range and Technology plans and the annual review of policies.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.  The next regular meeting of the Bartlesville Library Board will be Tuesday, May 12, 2014 at 4:30 PM.      





Submitted By: Beth DeGeer
Assistant Library Director