PLACE OF MEETING: Bartlesville Public Library-Board Room/Administrative Services
DATE OF MEETING: May 13, 2014


Chris Dixon
George Halkiades
M’Liss Jenkins
Alfreda McIntosh
Chris Speirs


Joan Singleton, Director
Karen Kerr-McGraw, Literacy Coordinator
Anne Dennis, Literacy Assistant
Denise Goff, Senior Administrative Assistant


Mark Boekhout
Dixie Clayborn
Maggie Humble
Linda Maloney


The meeting was called to order at 4:34 PM by the Chairman George Halkiades with 4 members present.

The review and approval of the Minutes were deferred at this time to see if a quorum would be present. He asked Karen Kerr-McGraw, Literacy Coordinator, to begin her report. Ms. Kerr-McGraw introduced the new Literacy Assistant Anne Dennis. Ms. Dennis will take Debbie Lacey’s place when she retires at the end of June. Through the generosity of a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Library was able to hire Ms. Dennis earlier. Ms. Dennis said she is a third generation Bartian. She has taught English for 25 years. Most recently, she was at Independence Community College working with students that have learning disabilities. She stated she is excited to be here.

Ms. Kerr-McGraw showed Board Members the book, Celebrating Our Journey, published by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. The book is a collection of stories written by literacy students statewide. Two students from Bartlesville Literacy Services have their stories included. One story is from Sister Maria D. Ugbe. Her story was also profiled in the Examiner-Enterprise this past Sunday. She has passed her citizenship test and the Naturalization Ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, May 14th) in Tulsa. Ms. Kerr-McGraw plans to attend.

The arrival of Mr. Dixon (4:42 PM) established a quorum. Mr. Speirs made a motion to approve the March 18, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Ms. McIntosh. Aye: Dixon, Halkiades, Jenkins, McIntosh, Speirs. Nay: 0.Motion Carried.

Ms. Jenkins asked if all items that require approval could be presented at this time. She needed to leave the meeting as soon as possible.

The revised Circulation Policy was presented for review and approval. Ms. Singleton explained there were three changes. The first was that area resident cards may be issued for individuals who live within a 35 mile radius, changed from 60 mile radius. Another was an addition to the Non-Resident Card: “Non-Residents may not use the Library’s online database subscriptions due to licensing issues.” The last change under Temporary Card: “Temporary Cards and refunds expire 6 months after issue.” Ms. McIntosh made a motion to approve the Circulation Policy with the suggested changes. Seconded by Mr. Dixon. Aye: Dixon, Halkiades, Jenkins, McIntosh. Speirs. Nay: 0. Motion Carried.

The changes in the Interlibrary Loan Policy were for clarification purposes. Section B: Requests and Returns-The sentence “A $3.00 return postage fee will be charged at the time of the request” was added. Section G: “video suppliers or readily available on the Internet”, replaced local video stores. Also in that section, “ …..and refund the $3.00 postage fee” was added at the end of the last sentence in the section. Mr. Dixon made the motion to approve the revised Interlibrary Loan Policy. Seconded by Ms. Jenkins. Aye: Dixon, Halkiades, Jenkins, McIntosh, Speirs. Nay: 0. Motion Carried.

Going back to the top of the Agenda, Ms. Singleton presented the Director’s Report. She said the Bartlesville Area History Museum recently received the Cultural Heritage Stewardship Award-2014 Top Ten Artifacts-Saving Oklahoma Heritage Program for the digitalization of Frank Griggs Cellulose Nitrate and Acetate Negatives, Circa 1938-1950. The award was issued by the Oklahoma Cultural Heritage Trust which is a partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Oklahoma Museums Association, Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board, and the Oklahoma Historical Society. The Museum currently has approximately 100,000 images. The Local and Family History Department and the Museum work closely together, sharing information so work done at one place affects the other since customers in the Museum are frequently customers at the Library.

Ms. Singleton continued saying the Long Range Plan is still in process. It will take longer this time because everything is being rewritten. The Technology Plan is due by May 31st. She is hoping to have the entire plan completed by the end of June.

The Safety of Children Policy was reviewed with no suggested changes or additions.

Under Board Member Comments, Ms. Singleton said a copy of the January 14, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes-As Corrected was included in your information packet.

No Public Comments were made at this meeting.

Items for the July 8, 2014 Agenda include the Election of Officers for fiscal year 2015 and annual policy review.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 5:07 PM. The next regular meeting of the Bartlesville Library Board will be Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 4:30 PM in the Board Room-Administrative Services at the Bartlesville Public Library.





Submitted By: Denise Goff
Senior Administrative Assistant